Google removing FREE from free to play games in the EU

As we have seen in the past with the Microsoft law suits that Europe loves to empower its citizens. Today it has gone even further and confirmed a rumour that was leaked a couple months ago. It solidifies that Google has agreed to remove the word FREE from the listings of apps and games with in app purchases.


Sony Flagship Xperia X2 Now AVailable to order in the United States

Sony was very silent with this one, which is odd for their flagship device.  If you are looking to get your hands on the new Sony Xperia X2 you now can from the Sony Store website.  If you are unfamiliar with the X2, it is a great device, with a true candy bar design.  Sony has done a decent job on keeping up with the other top names in terms of specs.  Boasting a Waterproof device, and 20MP camera.


Twitter updating soon adding great direct message support

If you ever have used Twitter for communication with friends and associates beyond timeline items, you will know it can be very very frustrating. Well Twitter has announced that they will be updating the back end of their Direct Messaging system to add greater support. Some of the main fixes will be great cross platform synchronization and allowance of mobile devices to retrieve more history. This implementation will take a while as they update it across all platforms. During the restructuring Twitter has mentioned that the use of URL’s in Direct Messages will not work. So short term suffering for long term gain!


Motorola Moto X gets a price drop to $299.99

If you haven’t had a chance to play with Motorola’s flagship device the Moto X, well now is your chance at a great price. Motorola has released a coupon code that makes the 16GB Moto X $299, which is an excellent price even for a back up to your daily driver. How to get this price? Head over to the Moto Maker site, which is their Lab of sorts. You can make a customized device and then add it to your cart. Once there, simply add coupon code MBXISMOT and it will refresh with the appropriate price.


Hitman Go Adds 15 Levels and New Game Mechanics

Most of us are familiar with the famous Hitman franchise that has had many games and movies. The Android game Hitman GO has received an update bringing 15 new levels, new enemies

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and new mechanics. If you already own the Hitman Go game, the update is FREE if you have completed the current game. If your impatience gets a hold of you, then you can add the Airport Chapter for $0.99.

Here is a changelog:


Google Wallet Improving with Updated Gift Card Support, Money Requesting and More!

If you have been using Google Wallet you have probably stored a credit card or two… and maybe a stored gift card.  Well we have now learned that Google is adding support for ALL gift cards.  You can either take a picture of the back of the card or manually enter it in.  Some cards for stores like Best Buy and AMC there will even be the added support of a real time balance of the card.


Chrome for Android gets a Welcome Update to 36

Chrome 36 Update is rolling out for Android devices (if you have it installed).  This is a much welcomed update for most us who use it daily.  They have added better support for rendering non-mobile websites.  In other words, those sometimes rich and sometimes media heavy desktop sites should look better with this update.  Now with all updates it comes with the standard bug fixes and performance improvements.  If you do not use Chrome for your Android device, but want to… you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Source: MobileSyrup


RBC Mobile Express Now Available on Android

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has launched a new app in the Play Store, RBC Mobile Express. RBC already has an everyday client for their consumers o keep up to date and manage their banking. But Mobile Express is more catered towards business clients, and keeping track of their tasks on the go.


CyanogenMod CM11 M8 Snapshots Available for Download

So if you have been around the Android community for any amount of time, you will have see the words CyanogenMod floating around.  If you are already familiar with CyanogenMod you know about all of their workings and customs ROMs (operating system).  Well last week the CyanogenMod released their Milestone 8 (M8 for short) of their ROM CM11 (CyanogenMod v11).  It takes a lot of improvements and tweaks to get the Milestone marker on their OS, but it is something you know is STABLE and reliable. You can load it with confidence that it can be used as a daily driver without any crashes.


Lost But Not Forgotten

Well here we are, 8:3o on a Wednesday evening.  I am now back at home in Canada after spending time with people who I dearly wished lived closer.  Getting what I feel is the red carpet laid out for me.  All over what was a simple BBM over when a fellow blogger was on a road trip.  Turned in to a brotherhood and friendship that will last forever.

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Fubaz, also known as Ricky.  Previous blogger and long time BlackBerry Advocate…. yes I said it, the word that is like a swear or tainted blood in this community “BlackBerry”.  And this goes further back than any of the new revival that they have in place.  This goes back to when many of YOU might too have been using the original smartphone.  When the community was small and to have over 100 peopl eon BBM was a great feat, but now a modern classic as the multi-platform application keeps us all in touch.  The singular sound you hear when you are out, and see everyone grasping for their devices only to see someone pull out a Note 3 and smirk as they reply.