Kyocera Hydro Vibe front angle low-res

Kyocera Hydro Vibe latest to get Wi-Fi Calling update

Kyocera Hydro Vibe is the latest smartphone from Sprint to get Wi-Fi Calling. The software update is rolling out now, and an update notification will be pushed to all our Hydro Vibe customers automatically during the next few weeks.

Wi-Fi Calling is available at no additional charge1 and lets you use voice and messaging services over existing home, office and public Wi-Fi networks. With Wi-Fi Calling, you will experience improved voice, data and messaging services in locations that previously had limited or no mobile network coverage.


OnePlus Watch? Looks like it!

So we all know the hype around the OnePlus One, and we have been busy playing with it for the last few days. Well last week BGR leaked a few images and sketches of what could be an awesome new watch. It looks like they are packing in some pretty cool features. Keep reading to see some of them.


Video: OnePlus One Walkthrough

As promised, here is a walk through of the OnePlus One.  Here we mainly focus on the settings that make Cyanogenmod unique.  It gives us the customization that we all want without the risk of rooting the device or voiding our warranty.  Check it out and let us know how you like it!


video: unboxing of the oneplus one 64gb sandstone black

Well needless to say this video is over due.  We were lucky enough to get an invite to a device.  But what made it worse was my work schedule.  It took a good few days of staring at the box before I was able to sit down and do this video. So, please enjoy and if you have any questions about the device or want to see more please hit us up in the comments sections or on Twitter!


Google removing FREE from free to play games in the EU

As we have seen in the past with the Microsoft law suits that Europe loves to empower its citizens. Today it has gone even further and confirmed a rumour that was leaked a couple months ago. It solidifies that Google has agreed to remove the word FREE from the listings of apps and games with in app purchases.


Sony Flagship Xperia X2 Now AVailable to order in the United States

Sony was very silent with this one, which is odd for their flagship device.  If you are looking to get your hands on the new Sony Xperia X2 you now can from the Sony Store website.  If you are unfamiliar with the X2, it is a great device, with a true candy bar design.  Sony has done a decent job on keeping up with the other top names in terms of specs.  Boasting a Waterproof device, and 20MP camera.


Twitter updating soon adding great direct message support

If you ever have used Twitter for communication with friends and associates beyond timeline items, you will know it can be very very frustrating. Well Twitter has announced that they will be updating the back end of their Direct Messaging system to add greater support. Some of the main fixes will be great cross platform synchronization and allowance of mobile devices to retrieve more history. This implementation will take a while as they update it across all platforms. During the restructuring Twitter has mentioned that the use of URL’s in Direct Messages will not work. So short term suffering for long term gain!


Motorola Moto X gets a price drop to $299.99

If you haven’t had a chance to play with Motorola’s flagship device the Moto X, well now is your chance at a great price. Motorola has released a coupon code that makes the 16GB Moto X $299, which is an excellent price even for a back up to your daily driver. How to get this price? Head over to the Moto Maker site, which is their Lab of sorts. You can make a customized device and then add it to your cart. Once there, simply add coupon code MBXISMOT and it will refresh with the appropriate price.


Hitman Go Adds 15 Levels and New Game Mechanics

Most of us are familiar with the famous Hitman franchise that has had many games and movies. The Android game Hitman GO has received an update bringing 15 new levels, new enemies

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and new mechanics. If you already own the Hitman Go game, the update is FREE if you have completed the current game. If your impatience gets a hold of you, then you can add the Airport Chapter for $0.99.

Here is a changelog:


Google Wallet Improving with Updated Gift Card Support, Money Requesting and More!

If you have been using Google Wallet you have probably stored a credit card or two… and maybe a stored gift card. Well we have now learned that Google is adding support for ALL gift cards. You can either take a picture of the back of the card or

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manually enter it in. Some cards for stores like Best Buy and AMC there will even be the added support of a real time balance of the card.