Live In The UK And Want A Free LG Optimus 2X? Well Head On Over To Expansys UK

If you are a Vodafone customer, or even if you are not, and looking to pick up the LG Optimus 2X for a good price you really need to head over to Expansys UK.  Now you will have to sign up for a contract with Vodafone to get the amazing low price of FREE!!!!! But if you are close to a renewal time or just looking to get some dual-core Tegra 2 loving, this is definitely a good way to go.  the device is listed as available on March 21st, but you can pre-order now.  To get the bargain price of free you will need to sign up for a plan that will run you £30.65 for a two year plan with 300 minutes, unlimited text messages, and 500MB of data.  Now if you don’t want to tie yourself down to a contract and just want an unlocked 2X it will run you £499.  If you live in the UK and are looking for a new Android device I would definitely check this out.


Brendan Higgins


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