Galaxy Tab Rumored To Get Another $50 Rebate, Are The Tab’s Days Numbered?

In the current, and upcoming, tablet market is the Galaxy Tab going to be able to survive? We have seen a abundance of new tablets emerge from CES and for the most part they are superior in hardware, and will be launching with Honeycomb or getting it soon after launch. We have even seen a teaser video that may be pointing towards a Tab 2, and all of these reasons alone points towards the original Tab being left in the dark.

Now there is even more evidence to back this up, as a leaked slide shows that T-Mobile will be offering another $50 mail in rebate on the Tab. T-Mobile appears to be making room for the G-Slate as their next main tablet device. This however does provoke an interesting thought. With the Tab going down to $249.99 on a 2 year contract will it continue to sell? There is no doubt that the Tab has done very well, selling millions of units in 2010, and that was without a “tablet optimized” OS like Honeycomb.

With the prices of these tablets being significantly higher, will consumers look at the Tab as a economical choice, and hope that it will get Honeycomb eventually? The tablet market is going to be very interesting in 2011, and even where the Tab fits in is anyone’s guess.


Brendan Higgins


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