Schmidt Reveals The “I” Will Be A Blending Of Gingerbread And Honeycomb

Eric Schmidt really pulled out all the stops during his keynote today at MWC, not only did he discuss the pure numbers involved with Android, the activations and apps, but he also revealed what we can expect from the next operating system.  The “I” ias rumored to stand for “Ice Cream” or “Ice Cream Sandwich”, Schmidt did not let us all in on that one, but what he did talk about makes perfect sense.  Obviously Gingerbread took care of a lot of behind the scenes functions and Honeycomb was a total mind-shift, and now we know that “I” will be a blending of the two.  Many had been wondering how Honeycomb would be implemented on a smartphone, and now we know that parts of it like the fragments (just a guess) will be re-tooled to work within the parameters.

It was also discussed that the OS cycle would not be one year, but rather the 6 month cycle that we are used to.  This means that we will see “Ice Cream” in the not so distant future, which also means we can now start to ponder and dread whether our current devices will get the update all over again.


Brendan Higgins


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