KiK App Updated To Include Groups And Picture Sharing

This morning on Twitter KiK announced that they had done some major improvements on their cross platform messenger app.  The big add-ons are groups and picture sharing abilities, which to us is the one big thing we have been missing on our Android devices as we came from BlackBerry.  We here at Androidnerds have been  trying multiple cross platforms messengers that include the group option, as it makes it a lot easier to manage the blog when we can easily talk to each other as a group.  There has always been something missing something, whether it be picture sharing or speed or whatever.  We had all enjoyed KiK but without the group option it was a “no deal!” all around from us.

Now we have been using the updated KiK all day and I do have to say it is fast, the group feature works like a charm (once everyone makes sure they have a profile pic set) and the picture sharing is good.  There are a couple of things I would change if I were KiK…

1) be able to choose a picture from your gallery for your profile pic

2) be bale to share pictures from your gallery, instead of just the ones you take in the moment

3) set everyone’s chat bubbles as different colors in the group setting, as it can get a little confusing

But that is pretty much it, which considering my high expectations as a BBM users isn’t too bad.  If you are looking for a messenger client that allows groups and picture sharing I would highly recommend KiK.  if you want to read their full press release on the updates hit up the source link, and happy chatting!

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