Android Browser Is Faster Than iPhone After a Grueling 45,000 Tests

As true Android fans we all knew that this was the case, but now we have some concrete facts thanks to Ottawa based Blaze Software. They conducted a grueling 45,000 browsers tests pitting Safari on iOS against the stock browser on Android 2.2 and 2.3, and the results were outstanding for Android. The Android devices proved to load pages 52% faster on average, which was a bit of a surprise that the platform dominated by that amount.

“We were very surprised by the results”, said Guy Podjarny, Blaze CTO and Co-Founder. “We assumed that it would be closer race and that the latest JavaScript speed improvements would have a more material impact on performance. The fact that Android beat iPhone by such a large margin was not expected”.

Personally I was not surprised that Android was faster, but the margin by which it was faster was a nice surprise. For anyone that doesn’t think this is true, the numbers don’t lie.

After taking over 45,000 measurements on the latest iPhone and Android devices, the study found that Android was 52% faster than iPhone on average. Android finished loading a Web page faster on 84% of the 1000 Websites tested. The study also found that the despite significant JavaScript performance gains in the latest Apple iOS 4.3 release and Google Android 2.3 releases, these improvement made no measurable improvement on the actual page load times of the sites tested.

So if you happen to find yourself chatting with an iPhone loving friend today make sure that you let them know that while their retina display may be impressive, your browser is faster!


Brendan Higgins


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