Sprint Will Be Dropping The Price Of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Starting April 3rd

With all the new Honeycomb tablets about to come out, and well the Motorola XOOM being all the rage in the current Android tablet market, the Samsung Galaxy Tab seems like a forgotten soldier.  Sprint is hoping to entice you into picking one up starting April 3rd, by dropping the price from $299.99 to $199.99 on a  new 2 year contract.  Now we know that not everyone wants to tie themselves down to a contract for a tablet, so if you are more in the mood to buy outright, that price is also going to drop to $429.99.

Even though the original Samsung Galaxy Tab does not run Honeycomb, or have a dual-core Tegra 2, it is still a nice tablet.  The smaller size, 7″ display, provides more mobility and hey you can always root it and throw on some custom roms!  if you are looking for a inexpensive way to get an Android tablet I would definitely check out this deal from Sprint.


Brendan Higgins


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