Samsung Prevail Heading To Boost Mobile For $179?

Samsung and Boost Mobile will be holding an event in New York on Tuesday, and it looks like we now know what they will be unveiling.  Slides have leaked for the Samsung Prevail, a 3.2″ Android device running Froyo, and a 2MP camera, not exactly what most would call “high end” but it is a nice device for the iDEN network.  As this phone will be running on the iDEN network this of course means that will also feature the push-to-talk capabilities that are still very popular within many business’s.

The Prevail looks like it will be around the $179 mark, according to the leaked slides, and is definitely a nice step up from what is usually seen on the iDEN side of things.  With iDEN slowly being dismantled hopefully we will still a few more devices that build on top of this one over the next year, I know quite a few people that still use iDEN as it is very useful for them to still have the push-to-talk feature, and they are always wondering when they will get some devices that onc could call ‘high end”.  With the event only a few days away we won’t have to wait long to find out exactly what the Prevail is, and what other devices Boost is planning on releasing.


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