Leaked Renders Reveal HTC’s 10 inch Tablet, Rider, Glacier And Holiday Handsets

There has been a set of leaked renders from HTC today that reveal the manufacturers plans for a 10 inch tablet as well as some new handsets.  There isn’t to much to go off here, but it does look like the follow up to the Flyer named the Puccini will be destined for AT&T.  The 10 inch variant of the HTC tablet is said to include Honeycomb and 4G LTE radios for AT&T.  That is pretty much all the information that has surfaced so far, but you can bet we will be keeping our eyes out for more.  Hit the jump to check out the other handsets.



The HTC Rider isn’t exactly new has we have seen some blurry photos of it already, as well as a system dump of the ROM which points towards it being the European version of the EVO 3D, or even a NFC enabled follow up to the Sensation.  The Holiday is thought to be a follow up for the Aria on AT&T and the Glacier looks like a European version of the latest myTouch for T-Mobile.  All together nothing new with these handsets other than we have some, what seem to be, official renders from HTC.

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