Android Is Booming!!! Activations Are Up To 400,000 Per Day, And There Are 200,000 Apps In The Market

At the beginning of today’s keynote at Google I/O, the sheer growth and volume of the Android platform was discussed.  There are now over 400,000 activations happening daily on Android, and the Market has reached a milestone of 200,000 apps.  Not only are there a lot of people using Android devices, but there are also a lot of devices to choose from as Hugo Bara informed everyone that there are 310 Android devices available in over 112 countries worldwide, sure beats just having one model of phone release every year doesn’t it?

The overall growth of Android is what is impressive, as it took 2 years for the Android Market to hit 1 billion installs, however it only took 5 months to hit the second billion and we are now up to 4.5 billion installs to date.  The important thing to take out of this is that the quality of apps in the Market is getting better and better everyday and we have the developers to thank for that.  So from all us here at Androidnerds we would like to thank all you devs out there for your hard work!

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