US Cellular Appears To Be Getting The Desire S And Wildfire S

Well it looks like US Cellular is going to be getting two new Android devices that bring some nice specs to the table,  According to the leaked slide of the carrier’s inventory the two new HTC devices will be coming sometime soon.  While both of these devices are not dual-core monsters, like we tend to see these days, they are very nice Android devices that are revamps of previous models.  The original Desire has sold extremely well in Europe and around the world, and the new Desire S definitely has what it takes to do the same.  The Wildfire S is also a revamp of the little phone that could, but includes a better resolution and of course a new version of HTC Sense.

We don’t have release dates or pricing as of yet, but hopefully we will see these two sooner than later.  For another screenshot hit the jump, and make sure to tell us if you are a US Cellular customer and thinking one of these could be your next device.


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