Motorola Droid Bionic’s “Enhancements” Displayed In Leaked Best Buy Ad

Today we have yet another piece fo the puzzle that is the Motorola Droid Bionic. As you can see in this leaked Best Buy ad the Bionic is indeed slightly re-tooled and apparently is an ” an all-powerful, unstoppable machine”. Those are some very strong words to be tossing out there, especially for a device that still isn’t on the market. However you can’t argue with the fact that the “new” droid Bionic is going to be a pretty sweet device, with it’s dual-core and LTE (it will be the first Verizon LTE smartphone to feature dual-core). The new style seems to have been squared off a little, and there is some more shine to the outer bezel, and if rumor be told it will be a 4.5″ monster of a phone.

Sadly there is no more information regarding pricing or exact launch dates, so we are sticking with the latest rumored date of August 4th or thereabouts. Hopefully after all this the newly enhanced Droid Bionic will have been worth the wait and not just become another “black slab” Android device.


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