Sony Ericsson Xperai Arc Finally Comes To The US, And Unlocked To Boot!

After CES this past January the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc was one of the devices that had caught everyone’s eye.  The Xperia Arc was initially released in Europe and then slowly started to make it’s way around the globe, but up until today the US had been left out of the party.  Today the Xperia Arc has finally hit Sony stores and is ready for the picking, and it also comes unlocked to boot!  YThis does however mean that you will have to buy the device outright, so no carrier subsides on this one, but in my opinion that is the best way to go.  The price tag on the Xperia Arc is $599.99, but for that you get a 4.2″ device with the Sony Bravia reality Display, Android 2.3.3, quad-band 3G, 512MB of RAM and a very nice 8MP camera.  If you are in the market for an Xperia Arc, and have the cash to pick one up, you can do so right from Sony.


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