The HTC Puccini Tablet Makes It’s Way Through The FCC

The next HTC tablet has made it’s way to the FCC.  The HTC Puccini, and yes that is a code name, has passed through the doors of the FCC and is now all that closer to being ready to hit the shelves.  While there really isn’t that much that can be seen fro the FC C filings we do now know that the Puccini doe sin fact have 850MHz and 1900MHz radios, so the rumors of this one launching on AT&T’s “true” 4G network could be for real.  If this Puccini does get released on AT&T’s new LTE network let’s hope that they have plans to quickly expand to more than the original 5 cities they have announced.  There is still no conclusive theory on what version of the Android operating system this HTC tablet will launch with.  We are hoping for the latest and greatest Honeycomb edition, but we did see the Flyer get released with Gingerbread.

Who knows exactly what we will see when the HTC Puccicni actually gets released, but there is one thing for sure…. We can’t wait to get our hands on it!

FCC via Androidcentral

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