Department Of Justice Prepping Investigation Of Nortel Patent Portfolio Acquisition

When the Nortel networks patent portfolio went up for sale there was quite a bit of interest within the big smartphone manufactures.  The Nortel portfolio contains over 6,000 patents that will help any of the manufacturers on the winning side.  The “Rockstar Bidco” consortium consisting of Apple, RIM, Microsoft won the auction with a bid of $4.5 billion, which is a pretty penny to pay for all those patents.  While Google did put in a bid, it was obvious that they had a maximum amount that they were willing to pay for the portfolio.  Now the Department of Justice is “unofficially” launching a probe into whether or not the winning consortium will attempt to use any of the patents in lawsuits against Android smartphone manufacturers.  If you believe the past can be used to tell the future then you can bet that there is a high chance said patents were going to be used for just such an occasion.

Wall Street Journal via

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