T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Variant, “The Hercules” Gets Pictured

We have known for some time now that all the major carriers in the States would each be getting their own Galaxy S II variant.  Previously we have seen rumors regarding the Hercules for T-Mobile, and there was speculation as to whether or not this was in fact the TMO Galaxy S II variant.  Well today we have some photos that show that the Samsung Hercules is indeed the T-Mobile Galaxy S II variant.  The big clue in all of this is of course the Galaxy S II logo on the battery door, it is kind of a dead giveaway.

The Hercules looks to be more in line with the styling of the Nexus S that the Galaxy S II, and from what people are hearing this is in fact a 4.5″ device.  Gone is the single physical button on the front of the device, and again it seems to have taken on the look of the Nexus S, which I am sure many people will prefer.  Now that the phone seems to have made it’s way into the hands of testers we can hope that we will see some official word from T-Mobile soon.  Hit the jump to check out some more photos.

TmoNews, Pocketnow




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