Samsung Galaxy S Plus Shows off

Love your Samsung Galaxy S? No doubt it was one of the best selling phones of 2010! Well Samsung decided to give that phone a little makeover. Now it is called the Samsung Galaxy S Plus.  It doesn’t really change much from the Samsung Galaxy S except for a few things. The device has a 1.4GHz, a 400 MHz increase over the original, but it’s still a single-core processor. More juice has been added to the battery (1650mAh), and it launches with Android 2.3.3 with Touchwiz 3.0 on top.  This device may land exclusively for the Vodaphone UK subscribers.


Arham Jamal

Arham Jamal, aka IceandFire, is the resident developer here at Ice was previously a hybrid builder for the BlackBerry platform and decided to give Android a try and hasn’t looked back. He is now making custom ROMs for multiple devices and has even gotten into some custom Kernels as well. He is also a fan on soccer,and is always willing to chat it up on Twitter, so make sure you give him a follow @arhamjamal

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