Droid HD shows its Face; makes Bionic look Thick


OK, we’ve al been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the Bionic to finally drop. Just when we think it will be the next big Motor/VZW device to hit the scene, a new, unannounced device poses for the leaky camera!
Enter the Droid HD! You guys know by now that I am a Motorola Fanboi. This post will positively affirm that. Click through to read more!

Not much is known as far as internal specs, but there are some nice hardware upgrades I have been looking forward to seeing. Check it:
•4.5″ display (maybe qHD 1280 x 720)
•8mp rear camera capable of shooting 1080p video
•Front-facing can for video chat
•outward facing SIM and MICROSD slots

As you can see, there are some nice features included on this one. And now that Google bought Motorola Mobility, I’ll bet the bootloader will be unlocked! Hit the source for more pics!


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Patric Sanders

Patric, aka thirteen_20, is from Anadarko, OK. Some of you may know him from the countless forums and social networks to which he is a member. He is a mechanic by trade, specializing in Honda. He is also a certified automotive window tinter, and owns a shop. Patric is an aspiring Android developer under the name Rolls Royce Designs.


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