AndroidNerds Welcomes………

We at Android Nerds are looking for great writers.  What does great mean?  We mean writers that are dedicated, enthusiastic, have a love of Android and love to write.  If you fall into that category WE WANT YOU!

AndroidNerds is dedicated to making sure readers get the most up to date information and news about Android and Android related information.  There is so much our there that we are expanding our writer base to reach our ever expanding reader base.  How do you apply?

We as you to apply by:

  • Finding a topic that you like (Android Related)
  • Write a article about it or find a story and write it in your own words
  • Send that article or rewritten story to wants great writers.  We are looking for people with the passion and more importantly the time to write.  We are looking for people that can write 3-4 QUALITY posts per day.  We do device reviews, applicaton reviews, general news and high end news.  If you think you are able and capable to do the job, we would love to hear from you.
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