Verizon is RED with Apple Trying To Block Samsung Android Devices In US


The International Trade Commission has scheduled a hearing which could cause a preliminary injunction on four Samsung phones in the U.S..  Verizon Wireless, the largest carrier in the United States is asking permission to file a brief in the Federal Court for the Northern District of California ahead of the actual hearing.  They are going to extremes by asking President Obama to use his presidential veto right to stop any bans against imports by Apple or Samsung.  More after the break.

Right now there are 4 phones in jeopardy,  Infuse 4G, DROID Charge, Galaxy S 4G, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  Verizon Wireless is saying the possibility of a grave harm is there by granting such a large base injunction.  They are saying it is not in the public interests to have the import ban.  Not only will it leave less 4G LTE devices for the public to choose from it will also reduce the availability of high-speed broadband devices.

If the injunction does go through, Samsung is sure to retaliate.  They would want to have an injunction placed on the import of Apple products.  In the short-term this would be a bad thing by limiting phones.  The long-term effects are yet to be seen.  Here is what I see…..

Apple and Samsung aren’t allowed to import to the US

Shipping industry will suffer with the sheer volume they will lose

Other manufacturers can raise prices without competition

Economical effects are that of phones not able to be sold which is lost revenue which is potentially lost jobs due to cut backs from the original lost revenue.

Either way you slice it, the outcome is grim.

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