Sprint Keeps Unlimited Data Plans Says CTO Stephen Bye


Every other major carrier has been cutting data plans leaving Sprint with the last remaining true unlimited plan.  People were wondering if this was going to change to match the rest.  Changing the data plan structure is not something we didn’t se coming with 4G coming to most phones and the cost to revamp the network to allow it.

Stephen Bye, Chief Technology Officer, has said they will not be adjusting the data plans despite the rising cost of the network overhaul while speaking to those attending the GigaOm Mobilize Conference in San Francisco yesterday.  Bye says the dedication to keep data unlimited it what separates them from the rest (except mobile hotspot), me mentions not all unlimited customers use the same amount of data as well as tiered data plans carry hidden costs related to customer care and support.  More after the break.

While the fiscal strain of ringing the network to 4G is a very valid point Sprint has partnered with LightSquared ( LTE Wholesaler), to provide a basic roadmap that can compete with cellular giants as AT&T and T-Mobile.  Sprint still is running to modernize the network, the effects of which are yet to be seen.

Fortunately for its customers, they can still be on the Everything Unlimited plan, still use unlimited data, and still pay the same amount.  Will this change?  Quite possibly as 4G becomes more prevalent in phones and devices, however, the cost of technology does go down eventually.  If Sprint can hold tight and keep going this way, the unlimited data may not have to change.  We shall see!

What’s your take on this?  Could this be a game changer?  Would this make you want to go to Sprint?  Leave a comment below!

via Android Police

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