LG Esteem Gains ROOT


My favorite MetroPCS insider sent us this image of the newly released LG Esteem having root access.  Previously we showed you an image on the phone in progress.  Apparently GingerBreak was not a workable option.  From what I am being told the root access still needs a bit of work to it.  As of right now it grants SU permissions to everything.  Once that is fixed I would assume they will release the procedures on HOW to root the phone.  This was really the only thing I was waiting on to buy the phone, now that it is on the horizon I am drooling a bit more!

From what my buddy has told me is LG placed a few really nice patches on the phone to keep ROOT from being gained….but you know the rules:  Nothing is ROOT PROOF!  Now that is it rooted will we see CM7 going on it?  I SO hope so!!

***UPDATE*** Directions for OneClickRoot here

Discuss it in the forums


Thanks Mr. MetroPCS again!

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