LG Esteem OneClickRoot NOW READY!!


Here we are folks, you can ROOT as needed!  We’ve been waiting a while for this one.  Without further ado…..let’s root this thing!!

My MetroPCS contact “Mr. MetroPCS” says there are a couple people we owe a big thanks to.  @Mtmichaelson and @djrbliss.  They together compiled the correct SU and Superuser.apk and wrote the final script for the rooting process.

Hit the break to get everything you need!

First things first:  Your device must be in USB Debugging mode. To turn it on, go to Settings > Applications > Development and check the box. Note that you can only select this while the phone is unplugged.

WINDOWS Users:  Download the LG Drivers here

After installing the USB drivers connect the phone to the PC.
Pull down the notification bar at the top of the phones screen and click on USB Connected.
Set the phone to Internet Connection mode.

Download LG_Esteem_Root.zip

Unpack and open run.bat

Let us know how it works in the forums



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124 Responses to “LG Esteem OneClickRoot NOW READY!!”

  1. Taenichole says:

    Same thing here.. i noticed it says system32 and my system is 64bit

  2. Worked like a charm (LG OO), followed the instructions (with an exception of “Set the phone to Internet Connection mode”) didn’t find this option, didn’t use it, worked anyway. Cheers

  3. Carolyn says:

    I am still having the same problem as the others. Only two choices Mass Storage or Charge Only. Doesn’t matter if I check the box for Ask Every Time USB connects or not Anyone have any idea on this? I am using a Virgin Mobile Optimus Slider.

  4. Fathersonmobilervservice says:

    my phone get pass the daemon started successfully but when it goes to load root it says access denied ,permissoin denied then says trying 149 zenling path does that a couple of times then reboots but does not work can anybody help please?

  5. [...] are SOL but do not fret; we have seen other phones with the same “problem” such as the LG Esteem who was patched like a brand new [...]

  6. Thank you!! If you’re having trouble, listen to this guy! The LG Esteem official drivers from the LG website are here: http://www.lg.com/us/support-mobile/lg-MS910#software

  7. Amcmath99 says:

    i have done the same thing over and over and my phone still is not rooting. i need to know what i need to download onto my phone beforehand, likee, which apps if any besides superuser. I need to know exactly if i will have to download anything other than what is posted and whatnot, because i still cannot get my phone to root and i am trying everything listed. assistance please??

  8. Wait, no, it’s still not working. a. >_<

  9. Tonys1206 says:

    mine doesnt get it at all help

  10. Rick_Gucci says:

    Just Take Your Micro SD Card Out It Worked For Me

  11. [...] at Facebook also informed me that this method also seems to root your device easily. Let me know if it works for you [...]

  12. GhostDavis says:

    I have downloaded all that was asked and still no internet connection mode available

  13. Elizabeth says:

    It won’t let me on my LG Marquee </3 help ;c

  14. Abby says:

    This is my problem, too.

  15. Kenji says:

    keeps telling me SU permission denied

  16. trey123 says:

    what does the unpack and run.bat mean?

  17. Henry Merida says:

    did your say anything about “failed to copy…”

  18. Mr Mac says:

    The LG Opt.Slider is a POS! Got it on sale thru Virgin and it works MUCH better now that I got the bloatware and BS off it THANX!! I didn’t have any of the issues I’m seeing others had. I followed the instructions and it worked like a charm.

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