Samsung Captivate Glyde headed for AT&T


Samsung comes out swinging again with a new rumored phone, this one called the Captivate Glyde.  It’s been a rumor with a few pics showing up periodically.  Details are very limited, but reports show it to have a 3.5-4″ screen and the obvious slider.  This one seems to be coming around Q2 of 2012.  A tipster for another website says an 8MP rear camera and the front camera shows through the glass on front.  We have no info in the processor, memory, processor or anything like that.  It looks to have Samsungs Sense UI probably over Gingerbread….we can hope for ICS.  The wallpaper doesn’t fit it so it probably means it’s a way off from release.

Once we get some more info, and we will, we’ll keep you updated!

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