dMalware poses as Netflix App


Be on the lookout for a fake Netflix app that looks real similar to the official Netflix app. It carries a data-thieving Trojan instead of streaming movies or shows, PCWORLD reports. Symantec has discovered the Trojan and dubbed it as Android.Fakeneflic, and assessed it as a “low-level risk”

As you can see on the image to the left they look very similar but also different. The real Netflix application loading wheel spins in a circle which is broken up with little white rectangles while the fake also has a rotating circle but it’s solid bar and the color is pink. Also notice the “loading word” that’s underneath the Netflix logo that is a bit smaller than the real one.

Android.Fakeneflic will direct you to a login screen and again looks very similar the real application but as you can see it’s still missing an option to visit the Netflix website to create an account if you don’t have one. The only information that Android.Fakeneflic is going to retrieve is your Netflix email address and password, in that case if you have ran into this fake application of Netflix I would head over to the official Netflix website and change your account information.





Thomas Abunimeh

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