Words From The Editor: Patent Wars

At AndroidNerds we cover a vast realm of topics.  We cover news, reviews, leaks, specs and general information.  We get news from all over the internet and properly source where we get it from.  When we do that, we are giving credit to the site that we got the information from.  Do you think BGR or Talk Android or Android Central minds?  Of course not.  I know we don’t mind when we are sourced.  Let me tell you where this is going.  Hit the break for more.

The reason I am writing this is because for weeks and months we have been covering the patent wars going on between Apple and Samsung.  It’s getting to the point where it’s just idiotic to see.  Apple claims infringement on “look and feel” and Samsung claims infringement on 3G technology.  Really guys?  I mean come on.  Technology is innovation.  Look at where we are today.  We have phones that can practically have conversations with us, cars that can park themselves, houses that operate without owners.

How did we get to these points?  We did it with innovation.  Are ideas used not always theirs?  Sure, look at Apple and Samsung.  I am not sure who I am irritated with more at this point.  Granted, the Samsung OS does look a lot LIKE the iOS.  If you stretch it far enough you can make anything LOOK like something else.  Samsung on the other hand, is now going after the 3G technology in the iPhone 3G and 3Gs.  How old is this phone?  Why not go after it when it was happening?  Retaliation.  Samsung got its feelings hurt and is now striking back.  Legally they have the right to do so.  But who pays for it in the end; the consumer does.

In the long run the consumer always pays for the legal battles.  Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG all make their money from you and I as consumers.  When the cost of operating goes up so does the cost of the product to cover the expenses.  It’s simple supply and demand. How long will the battle last?  Who knows, but here is what I do know.  The world economy will suffer because of this, all of it.  Why do I say that?  Well let’s take a look at what *could* happen.

Samsung get blocked by Apple, Apple in retaliation gets blocked by Samsung.  Phones can’t be sold.  Revenue is lost.  Other phone prices go up to cover expenses.  The parts manufacturers to the insides of the phones lose out since phone sales drop.  Now several companies are affected.  Profits are lost bottom lines disappears.  Layoffs since money is not being made.

The above is a stretch but not a real big one.  And it is possible in the long run it can and will happen.  So here is what I say.

Apple and Samsung….GET OVER IT!  It’s technology, its innovation; it’s about your customer not your wallets.  Share and make deals to benefit the people that pay you.  Not the other way around.  Your adult companies try acting like it.  We are not in pre-school.  Hundreds of thousands of companies share patents.  It’s not about laws and rights it’s about fear of competition and in the end only the customer looses.

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