To our readers! Let me introduce myself!




First, let me thank our readers for visiting

My name is Thomas, I’m 32 years and was born in Cleveland but raised in Canada. I’ve been back home for the past ten years. I’m a big sports fan and a bigger Browns fan even tho they frustrate me every week! I’ve played and enjoyed electronics since my teenage years, I’ve tooken apart a lot of products to try to repair them. On the phone side I haven’t owned many but my first smartphone was the pearl 8130 if I remember correctly then it was the Storm one, got a little tired of Blackberry so I switched to the Motorola Droid and to be honest enjoy it very much!

Now that you know a little about me, I’ve joined androidnerds to write reviews about applications for android phones and any news that might intrest me and and espicially you the reader. With that said I would like some help from you, for my first review I would like you the reader let me know what application your intrested in and like me to review to help you decide if you want spend your money on it.

You can comment below or email your suggestions at or tweet it @thomas030

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  1. Welcome to the Nerd family, look forward to your post!

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