New Verizon Roadmap shows the Galaxy Nexus available on-line only Nov. 21st, and Xoom 2 on Nov. 30th?


Today we have another entry in the debate over when the Galaxy Nexus will truly launch on Verizon.  There has been speculation and rumors that it would launch on the 17th to match up with the European launch.  However this latest roadmap show the new Nexus as launching web-only on November 21st.  The other dates on this roadmap line up with what we already know for the Droid Razr and the HTC Rezound, so does this mean it is true?  Well of course not as nothing is official until it comes in the way of a press release from Verizon.

The Galaxy Nexus launching on the week of the 21st does line up nicely with Black Friday and the beginning of the Holiday shopping season, so this one doesn’t seem that odd.  I know that there are a lot of people wishing it was out tomorrow, but I am sure that the latest Nexus featuring Android 4.0 wil be well worth the wait.

The other interesting date that we can see on this roadmap is the launch of a Motorola 8″ and 10″ tablet on 11/30/2011, so could this be the Xoom 2 and the Xoom 2 Media Edition?  It seemed a little odd that the revamped Xoom’s would see a launch in UK and Ireland first, but if they are indeed launching by the end of the month on Big Red then I am sure no one will complain.

Hopefully all of these launch dates will become official soon as Verizon is bound to release a press release either this week or next.  Until then we have a few more days to spread some more rumors and theorize on when we will see these devices finally release.


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