HTC Rezound matches the RAZR on outright price from Verizon


If you were a little put off by the outright cost fo the Motorola Droid Razr and decide to wait and see what the Rezound would come in at, sadly it will be the same.  By the looks of the pic here we are going to see the HTC Rezound retail for $649 the same as the Razr.  We have seen some price drops in the last little while on new phones, but ti appears that the latest crop of the LTE phones are jumping back up.

This really comes as no surprise as these new phones do have some pretty awesome specs, however it does make you wonder what Verizon is going to charge for the Galaxy Nexus.  With the Rezound and Razr both coming with on-board as well as a SD card, you can pretty much assume that the 32GB version fo the Nexus will be around the $650 ballpark.  This does mean that if you can deal with the 16GB version you may be able to get a Galaxy Nexus for a pretty good price.  Hopefully we will get some more information on the Nexus soon, and the in the meantime if you are looking at the Rezound please let us know why it is the device for you by dropping us a comment.


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