Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet gets rooted


The Barnes and Noble Nook Color received a lot of attention from the Android community due to its cost and ease of root access. Well the latest hardware piece from the fine folks at B&N, the Nook Tablet, has now also received root access and I am sure that there are a lot of Android fans out there now looking at this as a potential tablet alternative.  The big thing the Nook Tablet has going for it is the cost, at $250 it is definitely a very nice Tablet that in theory you will be able to run Android 4.0 on if everything goes well.

If you have a Nook Tablet and want to get your root on, you can grab all the necessary information from the two source links below.  There are two methods tat can be used, one uses some executable files, or you can enter a mere 8 lines in the command prompt for those more “hands on” type of people.

XDA-Developers, Nook Tablet Forums via Androidcentral

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