16GB Droid Razr now available from Verizon for $199, White and Purple versions coming on January 23rd


So you may be a little confused as to what the “16GB” version of the Droid Razr is. Well it seems that Verizon has decided to re-launch the Droid Razr as a “16GB” model, so there will be no micro SD card included, and brought the price down by $100. Of course they are doing this as the Droid Razr Maxx is about to launch for $299, and they don’t want people over looking the OG Razr if it was left at the same price.

Verizon has also said that the purple and white versions of the 16GB Razr will be available on the 23rd of January. All in all this is quite the marketing scheme by Verizon, as there is nothing different with the 16GB Razr, other than the fact you don’t get any external storage with it.

So if you haven’t already picked up a Droid Razr, and have a micro SD card ready for action, than you may want to head on down to Verizon and grab one at the new $199 price tag.


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