Rumors of the Galaxy Note to be released Feb. 18, along side Two unannounced Devices


If BGR reports are true, the 5.3″ Samsung Galaxy Note will hit the market on Feburary 18th for $299.99 on contract. The blog also reports that two new, unannounced devices will be making their debut the very same day — the Samsung Rugby Smart and the AT&T Fusion. The Rugby Smart is reportedly a $99 entry-level HSPA+ phone, while the AT&T Fusion, for which no specs are offered, will apparently sell for $124.99.

All unconfirmed at this stage, of course, but we don’t think anyone would be surprised to see the AT&T Galaxy Note arriving in mid-to-late February with a hefty price tag. As for the other two devices, we’ll just have to wait and see what materializes over the next month.

[via AndroidCentral, BGR]

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