Google Offering Immense Savings on Apps AND Music In Celebration of the Release of “Play”


With the release of Play from Google,  the tech giant has initiated some great savings! Entire music albums for 25¢! Some really nice apps for 49¢! Hit the break for the links…

Along with the sales, they will have a different music album for 25¢ each day, for the next seven days! Sounds good to me!

If you are Nerds like the staff here at AN, you can get in on the fun by simply updating your market. For the not-so-tech-minded out there, Grab Play Store here.

Enjoy! I know I will!


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Patric Sanders

Patric, aka thirteen_20, is from Anadarko, OK. Some of you may know him from the countless forums and social networks to which he is a member. He is a mechanic by trade, specializing in Honda. He is also a certified automotive window tinter, and owns a shop. Patric is an aspiring Android developer under the name Rolls Royce Designs.


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