Leaked photos of BBM running on Android surface….again!


It has been awhile since we have heard any new rumors about BBM running on Android or iOS devices.  When the last leaked photos surfaced RIM was quick to deny that they were looking into, or developing a cross-platform version of their messenger.  We now have some new leaked photos that are showing what appears to be a newer version of BBM for Android.

These rumors do make a little more sense now that RIM has released their that enables IT departments to use Android or iOS devices on their existing network with BlackBerry devices and servers.  If RIM were smart I believe they would include a cross-platform version of BBM to ensure that their enterprise customers using Fusion are still able to keep all their employees in contact with BBM.

Now of course all of this could be a big joke, but I am really hoping that it isn’t as I would love to have BBM on my Nexus.  The source for TechnoBuffalo also told them that the Android version is on course to be released this year, however they did not know when the iOS version was expected.



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