Google Wallet Updated – UI and Privacy Improvements Included


The fine folks over at Google released an update to the Google Wallet application. While Google Wallet isn’t available for everyone just yet, they have added some enhancements and improvements in the update.  Also, don’t forget to use the $5.00 Google gave all Google Wallet users for their troubles last month.

Unfortunately, I’m one of the unlucky ones whom Google Wallet isn’t available for, so I can’t see what all is in the update.  Hopefully, they will make it available for all users soon.

The change log from the Google Market Play Store is below:

  1. Prepaid Card top up forms more flexible
  2. Citi Mastercard management improvements
  3. UI improvements
  4. Privacy enhancements
  5. Bug fixes
  6. Updated Terms of Service
Let’s all hope this update doesn’t cause rooted users headaches like the previous ones did.  Let us know in the comments if you notice something drastically different.


Source: Android Community

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    Google Wallet Updated – UI and Privacy Improvements Included |

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