[APP] CIA World Factbook for Android Devices Updated


S4BB Limited let us know that they have updated their CIA World Factbook for Android smartphones.  This brings the version to 2.4.  Below is the change log from the update –

  • Data based on the latest 2012 updates for more than 270 countries and territories.
  • Extensive information: from geography to politics, all you want to know is in the app.
  • Easy to navigate: just scroll your screen to the desired country.
  • Easy to search: type the name of the country you are looking for, that’s it.
  • Save your Battery and prevent roaming charges: once a country or a region has been cached, no further internet connection is required.

If you already have purchased CIA Factbook, the update is free of charge.  If you have not and would like to, head over to the Google Play Store. The app will cost you $1.99

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