Google gets back into the smartphone sales game, offering unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus for $399 in the Google Play Store


It has been a little while since Google sold the Nexus phone themselves.  Today Google has gotten back into the smartphone sales game, as you can now order the Galaxy Nexus directly from Google for $399.  Now of course this is the unlocked GSM (HSPA+) model, as Verizon and Sprint are the only ones to offer the LTE versions of the pure Google Android device.  Also keep in mind that the GSM version is only a 16GB model, and with no micro SD card support you are little limited with onboard storage.

If you are interested in getting a fully unlocked Nexus with no contract, or any carrier interference I suggest you check out this deal. Not only will you be buying the Nexus directly from Google, but you are getting a great deal at $399 (plus taxes and two-day shipping) and you will be receiving your updates directly from Google, which I know is important to some of you out there.

To buy a Nexus directly from Google you can do so at the Google Play Store, there are some country restrictions so not everyone will be able to complete orders.

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