Renders of the original 2006 "Google Phone" come out

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One of the few good things that is coming out of the Oracle vs Google trial are the renders of the first “Google phone” that was presented to carriers.  Google initially took the pictured phone to carriers in 2006, two years before the G1 was finally released in October in 2008.  As you can see the phone was much more of a “BlackBerry” style front facing qwerty phone.

The main point that Google was trying to make was that there was a barrier between users and 3rd party apps that they believed their Google phone and the T-Mobile unlimited data plans could conquer together.  Now obviously this prototype was not chosen by the carriers and Google later came to the table with the G1.  However truth be told is that Google believed that the Android OS would have been authorized by carriers in August 2007, but there were compromises that needed to be made before the carriers signed on with the G1.

If you are wondering what kind of awesome specs you would have gotten with this 2006 prototype?  Well you would have gotten a 200MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, miniSD support and a QVGA display with 16-bit color.  Those are some pretty awesome specs for 2006, but nowadays we would have turn our nose up in disgust at such things.

Even though this phone never made it to market, it is still cool to see what Google was working on before they brought the G1 to market and kicked off the Android revolution.


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