Rumor: MetroPCS LG Connect kernel [WIP]


Yes, you see this correctly.  The LG Connect is getting some developer love.   Playful God is currently working on developing a new kernel for the new Metro phone.  No information has been released yet on the specs or what it will offer yet.  If it’s anything like his Plauge kernel for the Esteem your Connect is going to FLY!  Soon as we get more information about the new kernel we’ll let you know…until then…stay tuned!

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  1. […] When MetroPCS first came out they were just another carrier. They had cheap plans and cheap phones.  They have since been the named the 5th largest carrier in the USA.  They were the first to launch 4G LTE in thier footprint and now are the first to launch VoLTE (“Volt”) which stands for Voice over LTE (Long Term Evolution). Along with this feat is the first smartphone VoLTE ready, the LG Connect 4G. […]

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