This is a test of the Commercial Mobile Alert System. This is only a test.


CMAS – what is it?  Well simply put it’s the mobile version of the EAS (Emergency Alert System) that comes on your tv once a week.  When I read this article I was a bit concerned about this system and the way they have it setup.  Hit the break to read more about it.

One of the things I found disturbing about this is the fact that these alerts can’t be silenced – meaning no matter where you are, what situation you’re in (no matter how serious) you WILL receive this test every 3rd Wednesday of the month….starting tommorow.  Such alerts may come from the President of the United States; the National Weather Service, state or county public safety officials.  Amber Alerts are also included, and you can (supposedly) opt-out of all of them except the messages from the Commander-In-Chief aka Presidential Alerts.

A Spring Internal document says:

  • FEMA, the FCC and wireless carriers have partnered to enhance public safety.
  • As a result a required monthly test of the Commercial Mobile Alerts System (CMAS) will be sent to all connected carriers.
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are sent via text message at 12:00 p.m. Central time every 3rd Wednesday of the month.
  • The alerts are sent nationwide and expire after 24 hours.
  • Alerts include: This is a test of the Commercial Mobile Alert System. This is only a test.

Why you need to know it:

  • Customer may call asking about the messages and the cost; they may also want to know how to stop the messages.
  • Tell our customers:
    • The message is part of a required monthly test of Wireless Emergency Alerts.
    • Tests are conducted every month on the 3rd Wednesday.
  • It is only a test, and they can ignore the message.

Stay tuned for more information about this service as we hear about it.



Andrew Campbell

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  • Aggie82

    I have been getting this text message every hour on the hour starting before lunch today. How can it be stopped. I am on the Boost (Sprint) network.

  • Vicki Kunard

    I have been getting them since 9am on the hour… this best stop!

  • ShieldsCW

    Never got one until today…and actually, i got three in a span of 72 minutes. I don’t mind the emergency alerts and President messages, but i do NOT want, nor do i care about, amber alerts. How do i stop those alerts only?