New Launch Date 5/23? Maybe…Maybe not

With the launch date being delayed due to Apple making sure the phones didn’t infringe on there patents will the HTC One X be as popular?  Or will people not want to wait and explore other options?  No way to know right now but if you are going to wait this is the date to look for!

**UPDATE 1:18 PM** – Still unofficial, but the plan is that items will be shipped out to pre-orders first, in time for them to get them before the new launch date of 5/23. Trying to get a lock down on when first shipments will go out.   NOTE – this is VERY preliminary, and happened within the last hour. There are more details, and a couple of things that could change it.. I’ll be able to post a more definitive post by late afternoon with details. hang tight as I’m having to post this from my phone.


Andrew Campbell

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