Galaxy S III Shows Up in US Cellular's System


Everyone knows by now, the big four will be getting the GSIII. It’s inevitable. As for the smaller, regional carriers, not so certain. Albeit, some proof has emerged to give some hope…

Today, US Cellular seems to be readying for the upcoming (rumored) release date. cheap cialis If the above screenshot doesn’t cause a double take of sorts, nothing will. I may even sign a contract to get this thing!

Until there’s more…


Patric Sanders

Patric, aka thirteen_20, is from Anadarko, OK. Some of you may know him from the countless forums and social networks to which he is a member. He is a mechanic by trade, specializing in Honda. He is also a certified automotive window tinter, and owns a shop. Patric is an aspiring Android developer under the name Rolls Royce Designs.


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