[ROOT][ACS][UPP] Root for the Samsung Proclaim SCH-S270C


Shabbypenguin and the Android Creative Syndicate have teamed up with UnleashedPrepaids to bring root to your Samsung Illusion and Proclaim.

This is directly off of Unleashed Prepaids and sent to us from Playful God.  Hit the break to see how to bring root to the rootless!

This will root both the Samung Illusion on Verizon and the Proclaim on Straight Talk.

You’ll need to download this app onto your phone: Superuser

You’ll need to grab the following files for your computer;

Stock Kernel
Pre-rooted Kernel

If you need to install the drivers then do so now.
Extract Odin and launch the program.
Load the pre-rooted kernel into the PDA slot.
Put your phone into download mode by powering on the device while holding volume down
Connect the phone

and watch for the yellow com port in odin.
Click start and wait for the device to reboot

Congrats you are now rooted, however due to a bug we are still working on there is no wifi/cell service. so youll need to flash the stock kernel listed about following the same instructions to restore your phone back to working (with root)

Megaman X for being a baddass hacker
Playfulgod for helping with this kernel
djgru for being our little bitc…-tester!! (oh and hes the one who tipped us off to you guys being without root)

Unleashed Prepaids via Playful God

Andrew Campbell

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  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.b.campbell.1 Sean Byron Campbell

    USB Mount on ST Proclaim mounts as CD. Is there a way to fix this or unroot the phone?

  • http://www.facebook.com/native.man.311 Native Man

    i have a Pre-rooted Kernel for the proclaim that well let you have wifi and cell service

  • Chris Gordon

    Native Man…may i ask how you did this?

  • Burnout143
  • Matt

    Factory reset my phone and lost 3g service but still have wifi and calling ability does anyone know what to do please i need a fix.Contact me at matthew.chaffee120@gmail.com with any answers.

  • tim

    You have to reprogram your phone from service provider

  • marsh

    I have a rooted proclaim…. THANKS TO THESE GUYS, but I want to install some themes but don’t know which ones will work… can someone help?????

  • geronimo shingledecker

    just used the info here to successfully root my samsung proclaim. worked like a champ. not a hitch at all. i was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a rocking chair factory, but be damned… it worked perfectly. thanks guys!

  • dnsjzcbsb

    Does it matter what firmware version it is because mine is 2.3.6 and i was thunking about rooting my phone