Leaked: Rumored list of new phones headed to MetroPCS – Samsung Galaxy S3 CONFIRMED


MetroPCS has been stagnant for a little while now with new phones coming out, especially ones that are high-end or even mid-range phones.  It seems now they are going to have a good sized push for 4G phones to be released in the near future.  It has been speculated that the 5th largest carrier in size was getting bought out by Sprint (which was declined by share holders) and then merging with T-Mobile.  As a MetroPCS user it’s going to be a great thing to see the lineup having some high-end products to choose from.  I am not sure if this is a last ditch effort to stay alive with the competition or to make them more attractive to be bought out, however, their customers appreciate it!

Hit the break for more the list…..

Coolpad Quattro 4G
LG Motion 4G
ZTE Anthem 4G
LG L1 4G
Samsung Admire 4G
ZTE Aurora 4G
Samsung Lightray 4G
Samsung Galaxy S3 4G — Confirmed and waiting to hear back from launch date

This is a very nice list!  4G is

a basic must for phones to have anymore.  MetroPCS has a huge 4G footprint which is what T-Mobile was after.  From what my source is telling me the GS3 is said to have similar launch dates to the other companies.  While I doubt it’s going to have the same power as the rest it’s still a high-end powerhouse and from seeing specs it’s going to be a well sold phone.  Question is will MetroPCS be able to get it cheap enough to make people want to buy it?

With MetroPCS being a prepaid company you don’t get that huge discount for entering into a 2-3 year contract.  MetroPCS will have to get is very subsidized to make it in the same zip code as affordable.  It’s all fine, great and dandy to have in the lineup but if you can’t afford it then you might as well put it in with the Blackberry inventory that is not going anywhere.

I’ll update this post more as I get more confirmations of the phones.


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