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There are plenty of battery companies out there today. They are all going to extremes with the amount of juice they can put into one battery. With all the new technology we can fit 4000mAh into an extended battery with ease. 4000mAh is no laughing

matter, in fact, that is some serious up time! One of the biggest pet peeves of mine is having thing that aren’t universal. It truly irritates me. When I got in touch with Mobilair, and told this concern to them, they said they had the perfect thing in mind. I bring to you Mobilair’s USB Power Bank. Hit the break for the rest of the review.  

When I first saw pictures of the Power Bank via email I thought this thing was going to be the size of a router, it looks that big! Portability is a big deal with me; if it can’t go with me it’s no good. The whole purpose of the Power Bank is to add additional charge for when you’re on the go. When it came in I was very happy to see that it was not big at all. I mean, it has bulk to it, but nothing like I thought; it hides away neatly into a backpack or briefcase. Now if I said the Power Bank was 5000mAh that alone would be impressive. If I said it was 6000mAh it would be astonishing…..at 7000mAh you may not even believe me.

Well it’s true, this pocket dictionary sized Power Bank holds a staggering 7000mAh. My LG Esteem has a 1500mAh battery stock. This is over 4.5 times the size of that. So let’s get to the goods and see what makes this Power Bank such a great item to have. First off, as I said above, universal products are what I purchase most. I like options. When you look at the side of this Power bank you can see 2 standard USB ports and 1 microUSB port (2 outputs (5v/1A) / 1 charge(5v/1A)). This is very nice to see being how all ports are on one side connecting to any of them is very easy. As far as the 2 standard ports, these are great for me. Since electric doesn’t know what it’s charging and the Power Bank doesn’t either I can literally charge anything with a USB cable. I have charged my digital camera, my LG Esteem, iPod Touch and even another battery pack. This is truly a wonderful feature. On top of the Power Bank you can see a small button and to the left you can see four lights. Each light indicates 25% of the charge or remaining charge. When it is charging the 25% that is charging will blink. The button on top is a power button. You plug in the device and and hit the button to begin the charge process. I haven’t determined if I

like this feature or not. If I am in a hurry I don’t want to forget to press the button. The Power Bank also has an Electricity-saving function which turns off the LED’s during the charging process to utilize virtually all of the 7000mAh instead of wasting it on LED lighting; pressing the power button makes

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the LEDs light up to show amount of charge left and then the LEDs will shut off again. If you can remember back in the day “battery memory” then you will be very pleased to know the Power Bank doesn’t have one. If you are a young buck you probably don’t know what this means. It’s ok, that’s what a review is for. Back when rechargeable batteries were a new thing if you were to charge a battery and then remove it from charging before it was fully charged it would gain a memory. Think of it this way….you would make a virtual dam inside the battery and when you charged the battery again the battery would “remember” where it left off and not allow you to charge past that point. Only way to fix it was to let it drain completely and then recharge fully. It was kind of a pain. To think about 7000mAh in real terms lets go over what that will give you: Tablet – 8 hours more internet use Phone – 40 hours extra run MP3 – 180 hours extra music Bluetooth – 200 hours extra talk time Portable game system – 40 hours extra play That’s a serious amount of up time. Far more than any battery or extended battery I have ever seen. The part that gets me the most is the size, to fit 7000mAh into a box with a size of 4.4”x2.8”x.06” (112mmx73mmx17.1mm) and weighing in at approx 9oz (250g) is amazing. With the Power Bank it comes with a USB adapter with a standard USB plug on one side and what looks like a headphone jack on the other. This is a power cord in which you can either have the included microUSB or iOS plug at the end. It also acts as a charger for the Power Bank. I would like to see it come with its own dedicated travel charger and separate USB cords. Maybe in future revisions they will include it. Since this doesn’t come with a dedicated travel charger I would highly recommend getting their dual-USB travel charger. The travel charger comes with a

microUSB cable with it so it’s perfect to charge your microUSB charging device and the Power Bank with the included coil multi-cord. Androids and other smartphones are becoming extremely power hungry bringing a new wave of powerful batteries. The USB Power Bank is the perfect addition to your mobile life. I highly recommend getting one of these for yourself; I promise you will not be disappointed.

This is a great product, I like that it comes in a blister pack and does not need refrigeration. . For a man with ED, a harder erection can lead to a more satisfying sexual experience. When it comes to hardness, this can help.
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    [Review] Mobilair USB Power Bank | AndroidNerds.net

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