[REVIEW] HMDX Jam Bluetooth Speaker Review

So you’re hosting a party and you want tunes for your guests but you are not near a computer.  What are you going to do?  Most of us store music on our smartphones.  Sure you could play it through your phone.  The downside to that is you would have keep your

phone close by.  The other alternative is to pick up an HMDX Jam Bluetooth speaker.  We happened to get one of these little gems for review.  Join us after the break for the in depth review.

The Speaker

The packaging is quite neat.  It comes in a little jar with a twist off lid.  It is made to look like the stuff you would spread on your peanut buttered bread. In place of the nutrition facts, there is Jam facts and it highlights some of the features of the speaker. Pretty neat marketing idea if you ask me.

The Jam speaker comes in several different flavors so to speak.  You’ve got Apple, Apricot, Blackberry, Blueberry, Grape and Strawberry.

The speaker itself is brightly colored and has a cone shape to it and its light weight. It features an on/off switch and volume up and down buttons.

You charge it via the included microUSB cable included.  It’s recommended that you charge it for at least 3 hours before using the speaker.

Speaking of using it, it couldn’t be any easier.  Simply make sure the speaker is powered on, then

make sure you enable Bluetooth on your smartphone.  Select the Jam on your smartphone, enter the four digit passcode provided and you’re off to the races!

The quality of the sound that comes out of

this little speaker is mind blowing!!  I tested it outside on my patio while BBQing.  I was simply amazed!  It’s got enough bass to make the music sound good, but not enough to distort it.

Overall Thoughts

Simply put, I’m in love with this product.  It’s got everything I could want in a portable speaker.  The quality of the build is superb.  The sound is amazing.  The price tag is even better.  Coming in at a meer $49.99, I think it is priced well for what you get.

Want to get your own HMDX Jam?  Head on over to their website!


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