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Have you ever wanted to make your very own personalized android guy? Well androidify does just that. its a free app from the google play store. This app is made by google.

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You can download the app here. It starts out with just a normal green android guy that you can customize. With many different options to choose from. Hair style, skin color, clothes, shoes and accessories are just a few of the options you can change about your android avatar.

Lets start with the skin tone. chose from many different skin tones white, tan , light brown, dark brown and green. Next you can chose a hair style for your android long hair, short hair, braids, buss, cuts etc. After choosing the style hair cut you want now its time to choose your hair color. Are you one of those people who always wanted blue hair but your parents wouldn’t let you? Well show it on

your android many colors to chose from. Now that your done getting your “do” all done start trying on clothes for you android. Dress him for the beach or work or anything in between it is your android after all.

One of my favorite features of this app is the accessories. You can fully pimp you android with watches, sun glasses, hats, even give him a glass of beer to walk around with. After your done dressing him, choosing hair style and color, accessories and shoes you can make your android short and fat or tall and skinny just by dragging your finger up and down the screen on his body. Do the same with his arms and legs to give him extra long arms or short little stubble’s. Are you finished customizing your android? Ok now save your

image to your gallery or wherever you like to save your photos to on your phone and start uploading your new android avatar to your all of your social websites profiles. Thanks for reading and have fun making your very own android guy.

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