Android 4.2 Announced


Don’t get crazy! It’s just the next version of the current Jelly Bean operating system. Nonetheless, there are some quite amazing features listed! Click through for more…


First on the pretty lengthy list is for tablets only. You guessed it, multi-user abilities. This could be great for the “family” tablet. You know the one. EVERYONE at home uses it.

Wouldn’t you like to set it up the way you like it, viagra price without the kids changing things all the time? Point taken. NEXT!


Enter: Photo Sphere Camera. Take pictures from every direction, and include them viagra for sale online into a spherical photo display. Share them to Google+, add them to Maps, or simply view them on your phone. All with amazing clarity!


A whole new keyboard, including Swype-like gesture typing, an exclusive to Android. If they get the prediction down, this will take off like wildfire!

All this

and more! Head over to Google to see the feature list in it’s entirety. Until next time…

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Patric Sanders

Patric, aka thirteen_20, is from Anadarko, OK. Some of you may know him from the countless forums and social networks to which he is a member. He is a mechanic by trade, specializing in Honda. He is also a certified automotive window tinter, and owns a shop. Patric is an aspiring Android developer under the name Rolls Royce Designs.


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