XenonHD ROM has been updated to version XVIII


Every weekend many of you wait

for a XenonHD update. The ROM is available for Galaxy Nexus (GSM AND

Verizon), Nexus S and the Nexus 7. So here

it is, the change log and the download link to the new update of XenonHD vXVIII:


Added clickable actions for clock and date with option for custom apps too.
Allow “Vibrate on Touch” behavior for Slide unlock. (Settings>Security)
Option to make toggles hidable.
Added setting to allow haptic feedback on toggle press.
CircleBattery: Revamped charging animation.
Fixed NavRing inflate.
Fixed NFC Toggle not working if it was not ON at boot
Fixed multiple haptic feedback while switching Toggles
Fixed kill app on long pressing the back button.
Fixed widget color.
Boot info now shows more info in boot dialog.


Added group messaging.
Added new feature ‘Add SMS to Calendar remind’.

Kernel: (Tuna only)

Built from scratch again.
Updated to 3.0.47
Built from latest linaro toolchain.
Added Color Control version 4.
Added Sound Control version 1.
Added Simple I/O (SIO) scheduler.
Added Fast Charge.
Added Trinity contrast control.
New colors.
Tweaked readahead.
Fixed random reboot

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