4.1 Jellybean goes live for AT&T Samsung Galaxy s3.

Thats right you read the title right no need to double check 4.1 jellybean is live and ready to download for the AT&T

Samsung galaxy s3. So what’s the catch? Well I’ll Tell you as of now the update is only available for download and install through Samsung kies no ota ( over the air) as of now. This was a silent update and wasn’t announced by AT&T or Samsung. 4.1 jellybean

brings a slew of new features to your galaxy s3. Some of the features included project butter which makes everything run slippery smooth, Google now the siri killer is also included in the 4.1 update. Keep checking back we will update this post when the OTA update is rolling out for the AT&T Galaxy s3. Please let us know in the comments below what you think of the new update. Was it worth the LONG wait or was it to little to late for you. Me personally I love jelly bean and its a huge improvement from ice cream sandwich.

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